Measuring Our Carbon Footprint

Well calculating our CO2 Equivalent footprint turned out to be a little more difficult then I would have imagined!

My first thought was that I could simply find a carbon calculator that would do the hard work or me. That wasn’t to be the case. What follows are the carbon predictions that 4 calculators provided me with:

Google CO2 Calculator: 5.4 tonnes CO2e
Carbon Footprints: 13.8 tonnes CO2e
UK Government: 8.22 tonnes CO2e
Earth Lab: 13.2 tonnes CO2e

In the end I took the easy way out and went for the highest figures that I had for each emissions type. So without further ado here it is:

Consumption Tonnes CO2e
House Elect 2.98
House Gas 0.048

Bus Travel 0.315
Train Travel 0.523
Subway Travel 0.03

6 round trips to Europe 2.232
2 Round Trips to Australia 7.612

Secondary Footprint 2.769

TOTAL = 16.509 Tonnes

That seams quite high considering we don’t generally drive and the UKs average is between 9 and 12 tonnes of CO2e per person. The reason for this is quite simple! We have at least 1 long distance return flight per year (each). Flying adds about 9.8 Tonnes of CO2e to our footprint!

If you ignore flight and our secondary footprint (which calculators ignore) we account for less then 4 Tonnes of CO2 per year (for both of us).